5 Important Facts About Roof Cleaning

Roor Cleaning Facts

Cleaning your roof on a regular basis can help maintain the look and feel of a building. It protects the roof tiles and shingles by washing off any concentrated dust, grime or sludge, and preserves the coloring as well.
Roof cleaning is specially important for houses in tropical areas and those consistently exposed to water bodies such as beach houses. This is due to the constantly damp atmosphere, and the collection of sand and dust overtime between the roof shingles and gutters.
However, roof cleaning is not a simple task, and the following are five essential facts that every homeowner should know regarding roof cleaning.

  1. Roof washing is a precise job that requires skills and experience
  2. Soft washing systems are more appropriate for older roofs
  3. Moss and algae can cause physical damage to the roofing
  4. Debris does not have to to be visible to cause permanent damage
  5. Roof power washing is a smart investment to primary the condition of a home
  1. Roof Washing Is A Precise Job That Requires Skills And Experience

Homeowners usually assume that roof cleaning is a simple job that doesn’t require professional expertise. What they do not understand is that if roof cleaning is not done correctly, they can be causing permanent damage to their roofing.
The following are a few reasons as to why you need experience and skills in roof cleaning.

  • Cleaning roofs involve climbing heights while carrying the necessary equipment and detergents required for the process. This could be dangerous as even the slightest slip can expose people to accidents that are serious. Even fatal.
  • A power washer can be considered a solution for the height risk. But, using power washers without adequate knowledge may have adverse impacts on the shingles and the structuring of the roof. This is due to the fact that high pressures aimed incorrectly at the shingles may loosen the staples and nails, thereby risking the entire roofing structure to severe damage. They can even be a threat to the safety of the occupants of the house.
  • A proper washing requires expertise on how to precisely clean all areas of a roof, such as the roof borders, gutters, and the flashing. Professionals will know how the pressure needs to be aimed and at what direction on the structural components to reach the required areas without causing damage.
  • Professionals will also know the soft chemicals and detergents to be used in each instance as the growths and damages in the roof structures may differ from one house to another. 

Therefore, it is always recommended to hire professional roof cleaners when dealing with your home’s roof for the long term benefit.

2. Soft Washing Systems Are More Appropriate For Older Roofs

A soft washing system is a more gentle method of cleaning roofs. It begins with the application of surfactants or detergents that are milder in nature. These chemicals spread throughout the roof architecture to methodically clean the entire structure. They can then be cleaned using a very low-pressure water system that effectively removes any residue of organic growth or other waste substances from the roof. This low pressure would not damage or loosen the roof tiles and shingles.
A professional roof cleaner would always consider the lifetime of the roofing and the current condition when recommending if soft washing is required for the roof.

3. Moss And Algae Can Cause Physical Damage To The Roofing

Moss and algae are not only unpleasant to eyes, but they can cause physical damage as well. Moss, algae, mildew, and mold can grow over time and spread out to the surrounding areas, thus changing the texture and strength of the shingles and roof tiling. This could cause permanent damage to the roof structure and enable water leaks.

4. Debris Does Not Have To Be Visible To Cause Permanent Damage

It would be best if you never postponed getting your roof cleaned, claiming that the damages are not visible. This is due to several facts, such as :

  • Organic substances grow in dark, damp places that are mostly not visible. Thus, even a small such growth can spread overtime unknowingly, causing severe damage. 
  • Even the slightest patches can quickly spread along with the roofing structure, causing permanent physical damage that not only looks unpleasant but can be a risk to the safety as well.
  • Regular roof cleaning may expose fallen out tree limbs and washed over debris that can enable the growth of organisms such as algae and mold. Thus, it is always better to have regularly scheduled clean-ups than have regrets later.
  • Regular roof cleaning can also prevent debris from storms and cyclones in tropical and beach houses are accumulating. Such accumulations can otherwise cause clogging and blockages in the entire structure. 

5. Roof Power Washing Is A Smart Investment To Primary The Condition Of A Home

Hiring professional roof cleaners regularly to clean up your roof is a smart investment as it helps improve your house’s exterior appearance. It also prevents permanent damage that can be caused due to the spread of debris and other organisms like mold and algae. In other words, your current investment might indeed be a way of significant cost saving in the future.
A soft washing system uses milder surfactants and detergents while enabling the cleaning of areas that are unreachable through a standard horse or pressure washer. They ensure that the washing process itself does not cause physical harm to the shingles and roof tiling.
Moreover, a power washing process will let you identify hidden damages in your roofing structure that were previously invisible due to other water patches and growth stains. Thus, a professional roof cleaning would give you determine the best fit course of action required for your roofing to conserve the structure and prevent excessive damage.

Why Power Wash A House?

Identical to regular roof cleaning, it is also recommended to regularly power wash your house due to several reasons:

  • Proper cleaning of your home would uplift the outlook and preserve the color and texture of the superficial structure.
  • Similar to roof cleaning, power washing a house may expose the areas in need of repairs that would have otherwise been covered due to the collection of dust, slime, and other growth.
  • Built-up sludge, grime, dust, and growth of other weeds in the building exterior may lead to permanent damage over time. Thus, a power wash may remove all these debris regularly without letting them breed.
  • Regular washing removes collected debris and growth, thus preventing blockages and clogs along with the exterior structure. Clean gutters are important to ensure an uninterrupted flow of rainwater, especially in areas prone to storms that would, in turn, protect the building structure from water patches and leaks.


Why Do You Clean A New Roof?

Irrespective of the lifetime of a roof, the collection of organic substances and debris grow over time and spread along with the structure. Therefore, it is important to clean up the roofs to prevent buildups regularly.

Is It Advisable To Power Wash Clay Roofing Tiles?

Unless the roofing is considerably old, power washing is advisable to remove the sludge, grime, and other growth from clay tiles. However, if the roofing is old and susceptible to more damage, it is recommended to use power washing.

Does A Detergent Or Surfactant Dry Out Roofing Shingles And Tiles?

Detergents and surfactants do not dry up shingles and tiles. However, a professional cleaner would always do a thorough cleaning of the roof and ensure that no trace of detergent or surfactant is left on the roofing.

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